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    It was a village in IndiaThe people were poorHowever, they were not unhappyAfter all, their forefathers had lived in the same way for centuries
    Then one day, some visitors from the city arrivedThey told the villagers there were some people elsewhere who liked to eat frog’s legsHowever, they did not have enough frogs of their own, and so they wanted to buy frogs from other places
    This seemed like money for nothingThere were millions of frogs in the fields around, and they were no use to the villagersAll they had to do was catch themAgreement was reached, and the children were sent into the fields to catch frogsEvery week a truck arrived to collect the catch and hand over the moneyFor the first time, the people were able to dream of a better futureBut the dream didn’t last long
    The change was hardly noticed at first, but it seemed as if the crops were not doing so wellMore worrying was that the children fell ill more often, and, there seemed to be more insects around lately
  The villagers decided that they couldn’t just wait to see the crops failing and the children getting weakThey would have to use the money earned to buy pesticides(杀虫剂) and medicinesSoon there was no money left
  Then the people realized what was happeningIt was the frogThey hadn’t been uselessThey had been doing an important job—eating insectsNow with so many frogs killed, the insects were increasing more rapidlyThey were damaging the crops and spreading diseases
  Now, the people are still poorBut in the evenings they sit in the village square and listen to sounds of insects and frogsThese sounds of the night now have a much deeper meaning

1.From paragraph 1 we learn that the villagers 

   A.were poor but somewhat content (满足的) 

   B.worked very hard for centuries

   C.dreamed of having a better life  

   D.lived a different life from their forefathers

2.Why did the villagers agree to sell frogs ? 

   A.The frogs made too much noise.

   B.They needed money to buy medicine.

   C.They wanted to please the visitors. 

   D.The frogs were easy money.

3.What might be the cause of the children’s sickness? 

   A.The crops didn't do well.

   B.There were too many insects.

   C.The visitors brought in diseases.

   D.The pesticides were overused.

4.What can we infer推断 from the last sentence of the text ? 

   A.The harmony(和谐) between man and nature is important.  

   B.Health is more important than money.

   C.Happiness comes from peaceful life in the country.  

   D.Good old days will never be forgotten.



    Her attractive lips seemed to speak words of kindness, while her eyes appeared to seek(寻找) out the good in people.“You have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” She used to say.

    It was for this rare charm and inner beauty that British movie star Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993) was named the most naturally beautiful woman of all time in June, 2004.

    “Her skin looks fresh in all her films and her warm and lively personality really shines through,” said one beauty expert.

    Life was never easy for Hepburn.Shortly after her parents’ painful divorce when she was nine, she found herself in the Netherlands at the start of World War II.Hepburn watched helplessly as several of her relatives were killed.She survived by eating tulip bulbs and carried secret messages for the resistance in her ballet shoes.

She dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer but was told she was too tall and not talented enough to be a success.

    Hepburn then turned to musicals and spent most of her time as a chorus girl (舞女).She had some small movie roles but it was not until Roman Holiday (1953) that she became a star.With her good manners and delicate figure, she was perfect in the role of a European princess.She took the Best Actress Oscar for her performance.

    In 1988 Hepburn began her most important role—as a Goodwill Ambassador(大使) for UNICEF(United Nations Children’s Fund).She traveled to the poorest places, doing her best to provide care and create awareness of the difficult situations in which some children live.

    When Hepburn passed away, a message displayed at her funeral read, “In losing Audrey, the world not only lost a movie star, we lost a princess, an angel, a person who inspired us all and whose selfless and loving examples shall always be remembered.”

1.When Hepburn began to act as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, how many years had passed since her parents’ divorce?





2.What is the purpose of the last paragraph? 

   A.To tell readers about Audrey Hepburn’s death.

   B.To think highly of Audrey Hepburn’s whole life.

   C.To tell readers the message displayed at Audrey Hepburn’s funeral.

   D.To say goodbye to Audrey Hepburn.

3.Which of the following best describes Audrey Hepburn’s life? 

   A.Difficult and lucky.

   B.Miserable and smooth.

   C.Hard and successful.

   D.Easy and smooth.

4.What would be the best title for the passage?

   A.Beauty Is Not Just Skin Deep.

   B.Beauty Is Just Skin Deep.

   C.Beauty Never Stays Forever.

   D.A World-famous Beauty expert



       I was never very neat, while my roommate Kate was extremely organized.Each of her objects had its place, but mine always hid somewhere.She even labeled(贴标签) everything.I always looked for everything.Over time, Kate got neater and I got messier.She would push my dirty clothing over, and I would lay my books on her tidy desk.We both got tired of each other.

       War broke out one evening.Kate came into the room.Soon, I heard her screaming, “Take your shoes away! Why under my bed!” Deafened, I saw my shoes flying at me.I jumped to my feet and started yelling.She yelled back louder.

       The room was filled with anger.We could not have stayed together for a single minute but for a phone call.Kate answered it.From her end of the conversation, I could tell right away her grandma was seriously ill.When she hung up, she quickly crawled(爬)under her covers, sobbing.Obviously, that was something she should not go through alone.All of a sudden, a warm feeling of sympathy rose up in my heart.

       Slowly, I collected the pencils, took back the books, made my bed, cleaned the socks and swept the floor, even on her side.I got so into my work that I even didn’t notice Kate had sat up.She was watching, her tears dried and her expression one of disbelief.Then, she reached out her hands to grasp mine.I looked up into her eyes.She smiled at me, “Thanks.”

       Kate and I stayed roommates for the rest of the year.We didn’t always agree, but we learned the key to living together: giving in, cleaning up and holding on.

1.What made Kate so angry one evening? 

   A.She couldn’t find her books.

   B.She heard the author shouting loud.

   C.She got the news that her grandma was ill.

   D.She saw the author’s shoes beneath her bed.

2.The author tidied up the room most probably because

   A.She was scared by Kate’s anger.

   B.She hated herself for being so messy

   C.She wanted to show her care

   D.She was asked by Kate to do so

3.How is Paragraph 1 mainly developed?

   A.By analyzing分析 causes.

   B.By showing differences.

   C.By describing a process过程.

   D.By following time order.

4.What might be the best title for the story?

   A.My Friend Kate   

   B.Hard Work Pays Off

   C.How to Be Organized 

   D.Learning to Be Roommates



       There have always been a lot of commonly believed but false ideas about being fat and doing exerciseSome people believe that they can’t help putting on weight as they get older, while others hold that if they stop exercising, their muscles will turn into fatHere are some more myths:
  I’ll never lose weight---I come from a fat family
  Wrong! While we can’t change the body type we are born with, we can’t blame our genes for making us fatThere’s plenty of evidence that fatness runs in families, and the main reason is that they share the same habits of eating too much and exercising too little
  I am fat because I burn calories slowly
  Wrong! Fatness is not caused by a slow metabolism(新陈代谢)In fact, although fat people consume 消耗more energy than slim people, they also fail to realize how much they eat! Keeping a diary can help you work out your daily food intake more accurately
  Exercise is boring
  Wrong! Anything will become boring if you do it repetitivelyThe key is to develop a balanced and varied多样的 program that’s fun as well as progressiveIf you enjoy a Sunday walk, take a difference routeIf you do yoga, try a tai chi classIf you like swimming, set yourself a distance or time challenge
No pain, no gain
  Wrong! Exercise is not meant to hurtIndeed, pain is your body telling you something’s wrong, and continuing to exercise could lead to serious injuryYou may experience mild discomfort as you begin to exercise regularly, but this is adapting to the positive changes in your lifestyle and the aches should disappear relatively quicklyIf you don’t, rest and seek medical advice

1.What does the author think about being fat? 

   A.It is the family genes that make people fat.       

   B.People are fat because they consume too little energy.

   C.A diary of exercise can prevent people from becoming fat.

   D.It is the result of people’s unbalanced lifestyle.

2.According to the author, how can we make exercise more interesting? 

   A.By taking varied exercise.

   B.By choosing simple exercise.

   C.By doing regular exercise.

   D.By sticking to(坚持)outdoor exercise.

3.What is the purpose of the passage? 

   A.To state the importance of keeping fit.

   B.To clarify(澄清) some misunderstandings about fatness and exercise.

   C.To test what has long been believed about keeping fit.

   D.To explain some medical facts about being fat and doing exercise.

  I was ten when I first sat with my grandmother behind the cashier(收银台) in her grocery store__1__ I quickly learned the importance of treating customers politely and saying “thank you
  At first I was paid in candy__2__ I worked every day after school, and during the summer and on weekends and holidays from 8 amto 7 pmMy father helped me set up a bank account__3__
  By the time I was 4 my grandmother thought I had done such a good job that she promoted me to selling cosmetics(化妆品)I developed the ability to look customers directly in the eyeEven though I was just a kid, women would ask me such things as “What color do you think I should wear?” I took a real interest in their questions and was able to translate what they wanted into makeup(化妆) ideas__4_
  The job taught me a valuable lesson: to be a successful salesperson, you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist—you needed to be a great listener__5__ Expect they are no longer women buying cosmetics from me; instead, they are kids who tell me which toys they would like to see designed and developed
ALater I received 50 cents an hour
BBefore long, she let me sit there by myself
CI ended up selling a record amount of cosmetics
DToday I still carry that lesson with me: I listen to customers
EMy grandma’s trust taught me how to handle responsibility(承担责任).
FSoon I found myself looking more beautiful than ever before
GWatching my money grow was more rewarding/worthy than anything I could have bought


  My kids and I were heading into the supermarket over the weekendOn the way, we spotted a man holding a piece of paper that said, “___1___ my jobFamily to Feed
  At this store, a ___2___ like this is not normalMy 10-year-old noticed him and make a ___3___ on how bad it must be to have to stand ___4___ in the cold wind
  In the store, I asked each of my kids to ___5___ something they thought our “friend” there would ___6___They got apples, a sandwich and a bottle of juiceThen my 17-year-old suggested giving him a ___7___I thought about itWe were ___8___ on cash ourselves, but…well, sometimes __9___ from our need instead of our abundance(充裕) is ___10___ what we need to do! All the kids __11___ something they could do away with for the week
  When we handed him the bag of ___12___, he lit up and thanked us with ___13___ eyesWhen I handed him the gift card, saying he could use it for ___14___his family might need, he burst into tears
  This has been a wonderful ___15___ for our familyFor days the kids have been looking for others we can ___16___! Things would have played out so __17___ if I had simply said, “No, we really don’t have ___18___ to give more” Stepping out not only helped a brother in ___19___, it also gave my kids the ___20___ taste of helping othersIt’ll go a long way with them
1ALost          BChanged      CQuit         DFinished
2Acondition     Bplace        Csight        Dshow
3Asuggestion    Bcomment      Cdecision     Dcall
4Aoutside       Bproudly      Cby           Dangrily
5Adraw          Bsay          Carrange      Dpick
6Aorder         Bsupply       Cappreciate   Ddiscover
7Adollar        Bjob          Chot meal     Dgift card
8Aeasy          Blow          Csoft         Dloose
9Agiving        Bsaving       Cspending     Dbegging
10Ayet          Beven         Cstill        Djust
11Adeclared     Bshared       Cignored      Dexpected
12Atoys         Bmedicine     Cfood         Dclothes
13Asleepy       Bwatery       Ccurious      Dsharp
14Awhoever      Bwhatever     Cwhichever    Dwhenever
15Aexperience   Bexample      Cmessage      Dadventure
16Arely on      Brespect      Clearn from   Dhelp
17Asuddenly     Bvividly      Cdifferently  Dperfectly
18Atime         Bpower        Cpatience     Dmoney
19Afear         Blove         Cneed         Dmemory
20Astrong       Bsweet        Cstrange      DSimple



    For Rachael and Leigh Barman, there is only one wish on their Christmas list this year---that their sick daughter Paige should survive/live until December 25Fifteen-year-old Paige suffers from ___1___rare brain disease, ____2___affects(影响) as few as 12 people in the world, and could kill her any day _____3___warning(警告)
  And her condition has gone even ____4____ (bad) in recent monthsHer parents filled the family home with Christmas decorations ___5____ September 1st so she could enjoy the rest of her lifeSince then, she has ___6___ (regular) opened Christmas presents and received visitors---but she sleeps for up to 19 hours a day, her parents knowing that each time she closes her eyes, she may never wake up
    MrsBarman ____7_____(describe) dealing with the condition as “like being on death row” as she never knew if ___8_____ daughter would wake up the next morning
    The mother said: “She always loves Christmas and I get my heart _____9____(break) when I see her suffering like thisOur best Christmas present would be having Paige with us at ChristmasNo matter ____10____ she leaves the world, we make sure that she is always happy



  Tom was having much trouble get up in the morning and was always late with workHis boss wanted to fire him if he didn’t start coming on time, but he went to the doctor for a helpThe doctor gave him some medicine and told him to take them before he went to bedThe man does as told and slept really well, wake up before the alarm had even gone offHe had time for a properly breakfast and was the first reach the factory“Boss,” he said, “that medicine really works!” “I’m pleasing to hear it,” said his boss, “but where were you yesterday?” 

内容要点: 吸烟会导致许多疾病,甚至一些危及生命的疾病.


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